MMS, born in 1994 as a Port Agency has rapidly evolved to become (now) a global integrated operator in maritime logistics and transport covering all markets and commodities. The company has 6 offices in Italy (Genoa, Savona, Porto Nogaro, Leghorn, Monfalcone and Naples) with 20 employees and a large international presence. The main markets and commodities MMS is dealing with are forest products, steels, project cargoes, vehicles, yachts and cruises. In the past few years MMS has followed an average of 180 port calls / ships with an average of 30-40 calls of ships transporting yachts, 20-30 calls of ships carrying forest products and 10-20 calls of ships carrying project cargos. Through the controlled company Italian Cruise & Shipping Services MMS also follows an average of 150 port calls per year of cruise ships, serving over 250.000 passengers.


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