Shipping, Forwarding&Logistics meet Industry forum, organized and promoted by The International Propeller Club, Federazione del Mare, Alsea, Assologistica and Assolombarda has involved over 700 people both from the shipping world and from the main Italian industries. One of the most attended forums was “Just in time uber alles”, dedicated to Steel products logistics involving the full shipping chain in the industrial process considering of course different processes carried out in different areas of the world. During this session, Simone Carlini managing director of Multi Marine Services, has given a speech on the importance for industries to keep the control (and cost and responsibility) of sea transport with them when buying raw materials and selling products: many people involved in steel industry often feel that the sea transport is a cost and an issue that they would rather leave with someone else. The real key to a successful logistic chain is to deal with an entrusted professional that can offer and consult on the tailored service needed by the industry. This indeed suits the speech given by Paolo La Bruna, Logistic Manager of Arvedi Group, who stressed out how an ideal logistic chain has to allow the producer to avoid almost completely stocking the cargoes, saving a lot of costs for the industries: a tailored “logistic suit” is what the industry is asking to the shipping practitioners and this is what operators should be ready to offer to steel industry.