Finsea, a holding led by the Negri and Clavarino families, active in shipping and logistics, has acquired 80% of Multi Marine Services, a company founded in Genoa in 1994, which then from shipping agency has rapidly evolved to become today a global and integrated operator of maritime transport present in all markets.

The Multi Marine Services brand will not disappear, since a newco with the same name has been created, 80% owned by Finsea and the remaining 20% ​​by Simone Carlini.

“We have always paid close attention to the relationship with our customers, it is a tradition of our company. We will also be careful to ensure that the transition is smooth, ensuring in the near future much greater potential than those offered up to now to those who have trusted us for a long time” Simone Carline explains.

For over forty years, Finsea has been handling logistics and port procedures. Originally a shipping agency, during the course of its history it has also become haulier, intermodal logistics operator, forwarder and customs specialist. In a former life it was terminal operator, now it has opted to invest in shipbuilding and repair.